For the billionaire to ‘Netflix and Chill’ on the high seas – Built specially to watch movies this 230-Foot Superyacht Concept has not one but two movie theaters.

Have you heard the joke of the rich man with three swimming pools? His father asked him, ‘Why do you have three swimming pools?’ The rich man replied, ‘one is with hot water, another with cold.’ ‘What about the third?’ wondered the puzzled father. The son gallantly replied, ‘The third pool is empty for when I don’t feel like swimming at all!’ This article has nothing to do with the pool, but it certainly addresses the whims of the rich that only the rich can fathom. Akin to a house with many pools, German designer and naval architect Frank Neubelt of the revered German Yacht Couture has released a superyacht concept called Screen 70.

The 230 feet superyacht caters exceptionally well to a millionaire movie buff as it offers two cinemas on board. One is outfitted on a 1,184 square-foot beach club aft, while the other highlights the sun deck. I’m guessing the movie-lover will choose to watch a classic on the sundeck only after the blinding sun has set, making the beach club cinema seem helpful. In a statement to Boat International, the designer says, “Screen 70 was designed for family and friends to cruise on. Particular attention was given to the private spaces.” If I had all the money in the world and a chance to go live in a luxury yacht watching movies and spending my days ignoring the world, I’d splurge those millions in an instant!

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The vessel is ideal for people who value their privacy and love unwinding in their own company. Though the sizable vessel spread across four decks does hold seven cabins for days meant for entertaining friends. The owner’s suite is isolated from the rest of the ship to maintain the theme of privacy and includes private terraces aft and fore. Two VIP suites are available on the upper deck, each with a private balcony, lounge, office, and four twin cabins on the lower deck. The superyacht easily accommodates a 26-foot infinity pool along with a Jacuzzi on the sun deck.

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The designers also manage to scoop out a well-equipped wellness center that includes a sauna, steam room, and gym. Screen 70 would be powered by four Rolls-Royce electric-diesel engines and capable of topping at an impressive 18 knots. I wonder if the designers have a pre-stocked movie library or will the owner simply ‘Netflix & Chill’?

Via: Super Yacht Times]

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