Gold-plated Porsche dazzles on the road

If a gold watch, gold jewelry, gold mobile, gold pills, gold Mickey statue, gold teeth, gold pens…..phew, are not enough to flaunt your opulence then this Gold plated Porsche will certainly do the needful. It will give the Diamond covered Mercedes SL Class a run too. The town of Pforzheim in south-west Germany is famous for its jewellery and watch-making industry and accordingly is known as “the City of Gold.” The city is also the home of the first Gold-plated Porsche. All the major components, from the control elements such as the steering wheel and door knobs to the car body and alloy rims, are all gold plated, making the two-seater exceptionally luxurious. Visualis, which is situated in Pforzheim, gilded a Porsche Boxster in 22 carat beaten gold.

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Nine Porsche Models will undergo the same, unique refinement process to continue the creative project. Although the price is not yet disclosed, Visualis’ Petra Koehler reports that “curious people are already anxious to know who are going to be the owners of these magnificent automobiles.”