Gulfstream IVSP: A jet liner for business as well as pleasure

Luxurious transport is a fad among the elite these days. And if you believe in following the latest elite trends, you have to be seen in one of the many luxurious modes of transports. And here is the latest luxurious mode of transport that goes by the name – Gulfstream IVSP. This luxurious jetliner has been updated and modified to fit the elite class. Equipped with 11 seats, this jet promises luxury like no other. Currently based in Texas, this jet uniquely incorporates style and class. The perfect jet for business travel, it even boats of a conference room. And of course, there are ultra-thin monitors for entertainment to make sure the luxury traveler is never bored.

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The best way to travel if you are tired of the boring business class seats, this jet is just awesome. Pricing is available on request only.

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