Powered by hydrogen and quiet as a ninja – This 180 feet long catamaran has an infinity pool and offers 360-degree views of the ocean

The yacht and catamaran industry is evolving faster than one could imagine, and those who are still in awe of electric yachts and the marvel they are, gear up for the time of the hydrogen catamaran; it might be here sooner than we think. Meet Migma, a concept catamaran from Spanish industrial firm Ruma Design. It may or may not actually glide over the oceans anytime soon. Still, it certainly managed to create waves (pun intended) by making news by acing the Yacht and Marine Vessels Design Award Category. Not only will Migma prove to be harmless for the environment, but the 180-footer can also cover long distances without a purr. Speaking of purrs, this magnificent yacht is heavily inspired by crustaceans in both form and function. To get a better idea of this hydrogen-powered multihull engineered vessel, explore the image gallery below:

Migma is designed for a noise-free journey, owing to the hydrogen-powered multihull allows the vessel to sail the globe sustainably. There is an overhead tank to store liquid hydrogen, lithium-ion batteries, PEM fuel cells, and two electric motors that work together to make the above possible.

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The Migma is not designed with an all work no play idealogy in mind. Its designers describe it as a vessel offering a minimalist feeling and luxury identity for high-class society. It is ideal for four people or two larger families that will be accommodated in two generous luxury staterooms

The central saloon is the highlight of this striking catamaran. It is done in minimalist tones, allowing the brilliant natural light to enhance its luxe features in undeniable elegance. This space is entirely customizable; depending on whether you’re using the Migma for business or pleasure, it can be turned into a formal dining area, office, or family room.

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The catamaran also includes luxurious amenities like a pool and a large front electrochromatic smart glass wall facing the ocean. Panoramic views can be enjoyed thoroughly, and the glass turns tinted when privacy is needed.

Migma uses its space intelligently to make the experience worthwhile for those onboard. They have fewer but bigger rooms, efficiency in function due to reduced total weight, and powerful motors deliver a 10/10 performance, all while looking incredibly luxurious.

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