Inspite of legal challenges, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt is painting a picture of patience for the purchase of the Alfa Nero superyacht.

The possibility of superyacht Alfa Nero becoming a part of ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s fleet looks promising. Regardless of the lengthy legal saga over the rightful ownership of the superyacht, the government has exhibited unwavering confidence in the sale of the luxury vessel that once belonged to Russian oligarch Andrew Guryev or his daughter, Yulia Guryeva-Motlokhov, allegedly.

As per the Antigua Observer, the latest word from the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff, Lionel Hurst is, “If anything is delaying [the sale], it is those legal proceedings. That’s because the original owners of the vessel have filed a number of lawsuits, none of which is resulting in any success on their part. In other words, they’re frivolous lawsuits that are intended merely to hold up the consummation of the sale.”

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He continued, “We are awaiting the opportunity to appear before the High Court…when you file, you stand in line almost always, and in this particular case I suspect that those who have filed the lawsuits are praying that we have to stand in line for a long time, because it is nothing more than a delaying tactic we believe.”

The master bedroom onboard the Alfa Nero.

As far as billionaire Schmidt is concerned, he has other vessels to indulge in some luxurious sea-faring. He will show immense patience in acquiring the ship he won fair and square at auction with a winning bid of $67.6 million.

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The main lounge of th Alfa Nero.

The government took control of the abandoned vessel in April 2022. It moored in Falmouth Harbor long enough to threaten the marine environment and other crafts. Hurst reiterated the government’s stance, “There’s no evidence at all to suggest that they did not have notice prior to, and following the ten-day period that was given for the announcement of the auction of the vessel…but Mr. Schmidt – the billionaire who has indicated a willingness to purchase the vessel – has not backed away at all from his promise. His sixty-seven million dollars are someplace just waiting to be dispatched to the government of Antigua and Barbuda – the rightful owner,” Hurst said.

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