7 Fascinating Things to Know About the Aston Martin Valkyrie

Aston Martin can build fast cars, that we know, but it doesn’t have to. In other words, Aston’s clientele is not Ferrari’s clientele. The flagship Aston Vanquish S uses a less potent V12 than its little brother the DB11, but it’s more lavish, because Aston’s calling card is building opulent GT cars.

Every now and again, though, the British brand rolls out something white-eyed and exotic. We saw it happen with the One-Seven-Seven, the Vantage GT12 and most recently the Vulcan, an emotionless killing machine if ever Aston built one. Now there’s something even more cold-blooded coming to the winged marque’s well-heeled customers. It’s called the Valkyrie, and here’s what you need to know.

7. It’s Got an Appropriate Name
That Valkyrie is a reference to Norse mythology is something you may know. Did you know it means chooser of the slain? That name’s a big improvement of the prototype’s AM-RB001 moniker.

6. It’s a Feminist Hypercar
When asked about the meaning behind the car’s exotic name, Aston Martin chief creative officer Marek Reichman specifically cited the female connotation of the Valkyrie’s namesake. He said, “This is about female power. It’s the ultimate honor.”

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5. It Has Adequate Horsepower Thanks to a Hybrid Powertrain
The industry is making ready for an ugly breakup with the 12-cylinder powertrain, but what we’re seeing in the twilight of this legendary layout’s tenure is some amazing breakup relations. The Valkyrie’s conventional engine displaces 6.5 liters and makes 900 horsepower, and on top of that it gets an electric assist from Rimac-sourced batteries. Its power-to-weight ratio is one to one.

4. It Uses Ground Effects
Aston Martin says when it’s ready, the Valkyrie will circle some circuits faster than current Formula 1 cars. Its bombastic power plant certainly plays a role in that, but to achieve the corner speeds necessary for that kind of performance requires some serious aerodynamics. The high-tech underfloor aero on this car produces more than 4000 pounds of downforce.

3. Its Engine Is in the Right Place
Think you’re excited for the mid-engine Corvette? Aston Martin didn’t spend half a century waiting to build this car with the optimal layout for neutral cornering behavior. The Valkyrie is built with that 10,000 rpm V12 at its very core.

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2. It Will Be Built Less Than 175 Times
This flight of hypercars will be truly exclusive. Aston will build 175 Valkyries for the entire globe. Of that number, 25 will be built for dedicated track purposes only. So if you’re reading this, don’t get your hopes up with the prospect of ownership.

1.It’s Only the Beginning of Mid-Engine Astons
Aston realizes that there will be only a few of you out there who can pony up what it costs to own a Viking-derived war chariot for the 21st century, and it’s willing to compromise. A less extreme — whatever that means — variant, or possibly several, should be available down the proverbial road.
So, manly driving men of the world, have you got what it takes to tame the Valkyrie? You’d better start measuring up your leather boots and carapace, because we’ve got a feeling this machine has what it takes to make even driving gods squeamish.