KABE Royal Tower is the tallest caravan for now

It ain’t necessary that everybody wishes to live in a large concrete house made of bricks and cement. Few with wanderer streak will jump at the sight of this KABE Royal Tower. Dubbed to be the tallest caravan available, this mammoth house on wheels is a double storied to house a balcony too. It’s not only the large exterior form that speaks loud, but the interiors are also remarkable. Not less then any luxurious water houses like yachts, this caravan has comfortable leather seats, a surround sound system, and a kitchen featuring a dishwasher and full 4-burner gas cooktop. The air-conditioned van with full-height second floor houses the lounge room and a large balcony with more than enough space for various activities. The four and a half meters high and over eight meters long may have trouble passing under some low bridges but then you can drive this Swedish tower on wheels with a preplanned route.

The Royal Tower with a towering price tag of EU105,000 ($155,000) along will hit the roads in 2008.

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