Kingship unveils its latest green super yacht project: The Green Voyager

Environmentalists are smiling as many transport makers are “going green” by manufacturing eco-friendly vehicles. The latest green project to receive the blessings of the green lovers is the latest super yacht from Kingship, which has been christened, the Green Voyager. Construction for this 45m superyacht is scheduled to begin later this year. Commissioned by an environmentally conscious globe trotter, the Green Voyager will allow its owner to travel without harming the environment and at the same time not compromise on luxury. When ready, the Green Voyager will be the first yacht in the world under 50m built to Green Plus standards. Engineers and designers are working on equipping the yacht with heat-reflecting glass, high-efficiency insulation, heat recovery, heat pump calories, gas treatment, ultra-efficient props, bio lubes, and fuels environmental operations manuals. The main aim of designers is to reduce the power demand by an average of 20%; the yacht has already to be 16% more propulsion efficient than ordinary yachts.

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To lower energy consumption even further, the yacht has adopted the Siemens SiShip Eco-Prop system. The system is suitable for outputs between 110kw and 760kW, split between two propellers. Further, Siemens even offers a combination of a diesel-electric propulsion system and direct diesel drives. With the Eco-Prop system, an intelligent power management system (PMS) fully automatically regulates the power supply. The PMS system allows the crew to vary the diesel motor’s speed so that it always runs at maximum efficiency.
Currently, in its final design stages, the Green Voyager will not only be easy on the environment but the pocket of the owner by cutting down on the operational costs.

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