Time-lapse video shows the Jacksonville Jaguars owner’s 400-foot-long Kismet superyacht being built from scratch

Via Youtube / @Lurssen Yachts

A time-lapse video released by Lürssen Yachts takes viewers behind the scenes of the marvelous Kismet motor yacht construction in Kiel, Germany. In less than 4 minutes, the shipyard manages to leave viewers open-mouthed and ignited with newfound respect for the work behind a luxury vessel. By the time the video ends, Lürssen has earned a lifelong fan.For those who think pleasure crafts belonging to billionaires are simply floating assets, they are actually artful masterpieces. Kismet, a 400-foot marvel, was commissioned in 2019 by Shahid Khan, the billionaire owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars and Fulham F.C. Nearly five years of labor is condensed into one impressive film, capturing the majestic exterior styling by Nuvolari-Lenard and the sensational interiors by Reymond Langton Design.

It took nearly five years to bring American sports billionaire Shahid Khan’s Kismet motor yacht to life, captured to perfection in a matter of seconds. Via Youtube / @Lurssen Yachts

The footage begins with the most basic groundwork on what could be the lower deck of the vessel, with numerous sheets of steel and aluminum lined up for welders. If not for the water in the background, one would think it was the construction of a building. This is soon clarified as the fast-paced video pans over the bow of the ship. A mighty ship like Kismet requires several cranes to carry the hefty parts and place them in the right position, resembling a real-life Tetris game played by the most skilled in the yachting industry.

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Enormous cranes are used to precisely position the various components of the 400-foot Kismet superyacht. Via Youtube / @Lurssen Yachts

In a matter of seconds, the decks and superstructure are formed, almost like an artist rapidly completing a painting on canvas. The result, in gleaming silver, is a mighty machine shining gloriously under the sun. The bare aluminum hull sails to another facility for further outfitting, looking resplendent as the soul of a ship in motion.

Drone footage reveals the humongous ship dwarfing its surroundings, even in its unfinished state. Via Youtube / @Lurssen Yachts

Halfway through the video, the ship starts to take shape, appearing insanely beautiful even in its semi-finished state. The outdoor decks, atrium, lounge, and flooring all make it easy to envision the finished product. The video also provides a sneak peek into the gigantic propellers, the tiniest mosaic tiles, and the immaculate precision of the workers.
The most dramatic turn in the video is when a jaguar, shinier than diamonds, leaps forward for sea trials off the coast of Kiel with a spectacular superyacht on its back.

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The leaping jaguar on Kismet’s bow represents the identity of its affluent owner, sports billionaire Shahid Khan. It is an insignia that was also flaunted on his earlier luxury vessels. Via Youtube / @Lurssen Yachts

It is an exhilarating moment, justifying not only the genius of shipbuilding but also the $360 million that has been deservedly spent on this insane creation.The last minute is dedicated to the grandeur found on every deck, interior, and exterior corner of the Kismet superyacht. From a 7-star spa, complete with a hammam, sauna, and cryotherapy chamber, to a Nemo cinema on the lower deck featuring a 150-inch television and an underwater seating area, it has every luxury one can think of.

Rivaling the finest 5-star hotels on land, Kismet Yacht’s stunning interiors feature a spiral staircase dripping in opulence, a novel Nemo underwater lounge, and an imposing atrium. Via Youtube / @Lurssen Yachts

Project Jag is breathtaking not only because of the splendid staircase and behemoth atrium but also for its sheer mind-boggling manufacturing. The “Kismet, Behind the Build” film puts the super in superyacht. The footage adds weight to the 4999GT boat and takes viewers on a trip as amazing as the ones billionaire Shahid Khan will take aboard this Lürssen masterpiece.

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