Lamborghini Countach to beautify your wall

Auto art has been taken to a new level after an Orange County man bolted a 1974 black Lamborghini Countach to a wall inside his home. Millionaire Richard Moriarty hired a 70-ton crane to lower the Italian sports car into his mansion through a skylight in the living room. On Friday, the sleek black Countach with a license plate “FAASST”, was officially retired. 58-year-old, Moriarty bought the car 10 years ago, for $60,000 from a collector. But to maintain the car was a nightmare. He was tired of getting it towed time and again. A five-man crew maneuvered the 1,000-pound, engineless vehicle at 60 feet and hung it from a steel-reinforced wall with loops of half-inch-thick steel cable.

Explaining the unusual placement for the car, Moriarty said, “I have a Lamborghini and I’ve got a big wall.” But he was not satisfied completely and wanted to stencil some tire marks on the wall. Moriarty’s irreverent tastes don’t stop at home décor only and the automotive addition to Moriarty’s cache of curiosities seemed only logical.

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