The largest yacht at the Monaco Grand Prix is the 624-foot-long Ritz-Carlton Evrima. The luxury cruise, featuring opulent $100,000 suites with private terraces, offers well-heeled travelers an unrivaled vantage point for the Grand Prix experience.

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Year after year, Monaco’s Grand Prix becomes more glamorous and action-packed, not only for the cars tearing around the track but also for the presence of some glorious floating goliaths. It’s not a shipyard or a dock but at the adrenaline-fueled F1 where one can spot the world’s finest fleet of superyachts lined up for the weekend. These yachts have an enviable vantage point over the circuit, and so do the racegoers, who can marvel at the splendid superyachts amid the Formula One frenzy.

This year, Evrima, part of the spectacular Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, is taking the spotlight as the most imposing luxury vessel anchored at Monaco. The luxury cruise, with 149 cabins, is docked in Monaco for the race. Guests aboard Evrima will enjoy the best of what the Mediterranean has to offer and the prime experience of being in Monaco. Rooms aboard the Evrima range from $10,000 to $100,000 for the opulent Owner’s Suite.

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The vast terrace of the Owners suite could be an ideal venue to catch the F1 action. Via Youtube / @Travelhub365

Perfect for a vacationing billionaire and their family, the spacious suite comes with terrace spaces that provide a splendid observation point to watch the F1 race. The terraces also feature a whirlpool, an outdoor dining table to start the party, a full bar, and two living areas. No other space on this majestic luxury cruise comes close to offering such lavish opulence.

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Evrima is also a top choice due to its spectacular dining venues, particularly S.E.A., a specialty restaurant helmed by Chef Sven Elverfeld of the three Michelin-starred Aqua, standing out. The kids club ensures that children are entertained while their parents enjoy the thrilling F1 races, docked in one of the coolest seats in the world.

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In 2024, Evrima’s Mediterranean season includes 21 voyages from April to November. Watching the Monaco Grand Prix after spending a few days in France is undoubtedly an experience like no other. The 2024 Monaco Grand Prix will be held on the Circuit de Monaco in Monte Carlo on Sunday, May 26.

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