Lazzarini designs the mini yacht of the future. The jet capsule due punto zero (2.0) is luxe, fast, and just big enough.

We have covered myriad superyachts in the recent past which is why we wanted to break the pattern and bring something to the table that’s super even without being a superyacht- a super stunning mini yacht! Lazzarini Design Studio has unveiled a luxurious mini yacht that may ditch the opulent size of a superyacht but does not skimp on amenities as the bespoke interior can be as luxe as your liking and as top-of-the-line as your pockets permit. This impressive space can be turned into comfortable seating for up to 20 people, or can also be designed to be used as a small home on the water. Called jet capsule due punto zero (2.0) it can cruise at a speed between 35 to 45 knots and once you opt for the hyper jet version, the vessel can reach over 60 knots. The vessel measure 9.5m in length and is available in full electric mode.

The body of the watercraft is made from a combination of carbon fiber and fiberglass. The super sleek jet capsule due punto zero (2.0) comes with a hi-tech LED headlight system that allows the vessel to modify the light intensity and inclination. What adds to the cool features and functions is a water surface scanner that can be very helpful in spotting and preventing debris. The due punto zero (2.0) retails from $500,000 leading up to a hefty sum of $1 million for the hyper jet version, which features a full dry carbon body.

[Via: TechEBlog]

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