Learn to ride from a pro – Harley-Davidson has launched a new motorcycle training program that offers personal coaches for beginners

It’s quite baffling that there aren’t many basic motorcycle training schools just about everywhere across the world, which is possibly one of the biggest hurdles for an aspiring rider. Given the fact that riding a motorcycle is a lot more dangerous than driving a modern car with all the safety features, opening more motorcycle riding schools and making them more accessible to new riders is the need of the hour. American motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson has taken a pioneering role in this initiative by announcing a new training program called Learn to Ride. This new program has been launched in addition to the manufacturer’s existing training program it calls Riding Academy New Rider Course. However, it doesn’t personalized sessions for riders.

The Learn to Ride program, announced on June 30, has been created for beginners who need personal training to build the essential skills to ride a motorbike safely and properly. The program is already open and is available for interested riders at select Harley dealers. It offers personal training sessions with coaches, either individually or as a group of up to four people. The trainees will get to hone their skills on a Harley-Davidson Street 500 motorcycle with each session lasting for 90 minutes. “For riders that always wanted to learn but couldn’t fit a multi-day course into their schedule or prefer to learn in private session, this program is what they have been waiting for,” the official release states. According to Harley, the program includes highly flexible scheduling, learning at the rider’s pace, more focused attention from the coach.

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