Inspite of having all the luxuries onboard, the acting captain of the abandoned Alfa Nero superyacht likened living aboard the motionless $120 million palatial vessel to residing in a monastery. The crew, scared of the KGB, never wears the yacht’s uniform when they venture out.

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Some time ago, we reported that the crew of the Russian billionaire’s Alfa Nero superyacht were having the time of their lives on the abandoned $120 million vessel. They filled their days with rounds of Call of Duty and dips in the infinity pool. Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? However, too much of a good thing can be detrimental. The captain of the Oceanco vessel attests to this, comparing his time on the stranded boat to living in a monastery. But what could possibly be amiss aboard a luxury vessel dripping with opulence? The Alfa Nero Yacht has been anchored in Falmouth Harbor, Antigua, since February 2022. The government eventually seized it, which now incurs nearly $30,000 in weekly expenses to maintain the pleasure craft.

The infinity pool of the Alfa Nero. Via Charterworld

Over time, the crew has dwindled from 40 to half that number, with now only 5 remaining. One of them is Andrea Maccaferri, the acting captain of the Alfa Nero.

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The spa onboard the Alfa Nero. Via Charterworld

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, he says he is uncertain about the motoryacht’s future. Life aboard this ship that goes nowhere can be monotonous. Lunch is always at noon; dinner at 6 p.m., prepared by a British chef. The captain constantly monitors weather reports, particularly tracking hurricanes, which he fears might damage the vessel.

The gym onboard the Alfa Nero. Via Charterworld

The Alfa Nero is undoubtedly an impressive superyacht that any billionaire would be proud to own. This luxurious motoryacht boasts five sumptuous cabins, a spa, a state-of-the-art gym, and an infinity pool that transforms into a helipad via hydraulics. The owner’s suite on the upper deck features a dedicated office, dressing room, bathroom equipped with a Jacuzzi and steam shower, and a master bedroom.

One of the sitting area of Alfa Nero. Via Charterworld

Unfortunately, this Nuvolari & Lenard-designed boat will likely be remembered not for its lavish amenities and exceptional design but for the unfortunate events surrounding it. Deidra Cochrane, 28, an office assistant at the marina, remarked, “It’s a boat that generates much gossip and debate.” The captain and his crew have become so wary that they deliberately avoid wearing the red polo shirt adorned with the Alfa Nero logo at the marina or in St. John’s, the nation’s capital. They aim to hide their association from potential Russian agents.

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The Falmouth harbor. Via Facebook / @Falmouth Harbour

Locals have also weighed in on the matter. Rumors circulating at the Skullduggery bar and restaurant adjacent to the marina suggest that Antigua’s decision to confront a Putin ally might deter affluent Russian visitors who frequent the island during winter. Many speculate that if the government fails to sell the $120 million Oceanco vessel, they might also miss out on future business from other Russians.

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