Perfect for a shale-oil tycoon – Inspired by Texas, this superyacht concept is longer than 3-Olympic sized swimming pools. It has a mechanical bull, a massive owner’s suite, and a secret ‘love crib.’

US-based Norwegian designer Kurt Strand has unveiled a spectacular 561-feet concept Lonestar. The gorgeous boat will flaunt an eye-catching powder blue hull (similar to the Axioma pleasure craft, only better), steel hull, and aluminum superstructure. The superyacht concept pays homage to Texas by emulating the largeness of the southern state. The Texas influence doesn’t end with immensity but is glimpsed in the ship’s western style using rustic wood, leather, and artworks by Texas-based artisans. If Lonestar ever sails, it would be the world’s second-largest superyacht. The vessel’s best spot is reserved for the owner; a secret love crib spread across 500 square meters offering unparalleled scenic views and access to the main suite.

The splendid superyacht concept boasts 16 luxurious cabins for 32 guests. With so many people onboard, one would require an array of amenities to entertain them too. Lonestar includes a wine cellar, gym, and spa. The opulent behemoth also makes space for old-school bars, complete with musical entertainment and mechanical rodeos.

With so much to do onboard, the Lonestar accommodates a crew of 50. Keeping the concept comprehensive, Strand has rendered Lonestar with six custom tenders ranging from seven meters to 12 meters, designed to match the mothership.

Lonestar also comes with a helicopter landing pad on the foredeck, complete with its own storage hangar. Keeping fun aside, Lonestar is a massive ship built to perform. Keeping the scale of the 561-footer in mind, Strand has envisioned the yacht with hybrid gas turbines that produce electricity for the 4-pod drives, totaling 38,000 horsepower and providing a maximum speed of 24 knots and cruising speed of 16 knots, per Boat International. The only thing remaining is a deep-pocketed billionaire to make the opulent vessel a floating reality.

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