This $300K customized Mercedes van’s interiors will put a luxury private jet to shame

Let’s admit one thing, in terms of luxurious travel, nothing comes close to private jets as they provide unmatchable class, comfort and space. Be it the premium comfortable leather seats or all other creature comforts like high-end entertainment system, mini bar, small fridge, bathroom, makeshift office space and much more, everything makes you feel pampered. But, can you expect something similar for road travel? Well, yes! Forget Rolls Royce, Bentley, Maybach; an unassuming Mercedes Sprinter van has been customized to be the ultimate people carrier. Meet the ‘Senzati Jet Sprinter’, a modified Sprinter van that promises to bring all the comfort of a first class jet while on the road.

luxury-senzati-jet-sprinter-van-6The Sprinter van modified by Coventry-based firm named ‘Senzati’ is claimed as Britain’s first super-luxury people carrier due to its premium features that you’ll usually find on a first class private jet. The seats are even fitted with electric headrests, massaging system, plus a climate control feature along with an ultra-wide sunroof. Some of the other features include a fully connected mobile office and entertainment system, custom built all-pampering seats, maximum privacy and security and even an optional hostess service to look after you on your journey, 6’4” of headroom, seating for up to eight passengers including the driver and an optional private bathroom. The layout of its seats and color of the interior can be customized to suit a VIP’s taste. ‘The Senzati Jet Sprinter is unique; from the exclusive mid-ships cabin door and two meter glass roof to the sumptuous custom built seats and furniture,’ the firm’s website says. The vehicles cost from £209,000 ($304,000 approximately) and can even be armored for an extra cost.

[Via – Benzinsider]

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