Maserati gains positive reception in North America

Maseratis are about as beautiful as a semi mass-produced vehicle can be…. and they deserve ongoing sale success. Recently Maserati North America reported that is has sold 499 GranSport and GranSport Spyder units this year, up from 388 the year before. Overall sales are expected to be close to last year’s figure of 2,100, as the Modena factory is running near capacity. According to the company, the popular Quattroporte sedan currently commands a 40 percent market share in the $100,000 to $150,000 sedan segment. “In times of ownership uncertainty for companies like Jaguar and Aston Martin, Maserati with its strong Ferrari connection and sound ownership at Fiat become the obvious choice for those making an investment in a $100,000 plus car,” the company said in a statement. Good for them!

They’re comfortable in the city but too wide to back up the sedan’s handling ability. There is an automatic mode for the worst traffic jams, although using the MDS still isn’t as straightforward as a regular automatic transmission. Maserati does realize the market limitations of its complicated gearbox and is working on a true automatic transmission. In “Normal,” its ride is firm but comfortable, just as it should be in a high-end high-performance sedan. In “Sport” mode, which is activated by a button on the dashboard, it tightens up noticeably but remains more compliant. High-speed stability is excellent in either setting.

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