Mclaren reveals five new design editions for the 570S

British auto-maker Mclaren’s luxe supercar- the 570S is all set to receive a swanky designer twist with the brand introducing five new designer variants of the car. The new models will form part of the design edition range which is formulated and brought to life by the brand’s very own designers. Introduced in a fresh array of colors and customizations, this series is bound to catch the fancy of auto and design enthusiasts alike.

The luxury carmaker has unveiled specifications for only the Design Edition 1 for now. This model comes finished in a striking Vermillion Red, combined with five-spoke wheels in the diamond-cut finish, red brake calipers, and black ‘Stealth’ exhausts. Further, the interior of the car boast of McLaren’s ready-made Jet Black and Apex Red color scheme. While the seats come in a red Nappa leather and black Alcantara mix, the dashboard and steering wheel don a two-tone black and red leather finishing. If, however, red is not the color you fancy, you can pick from either one of the remaining color options consisting of black, white, grey, and orange.

The only real con of the designer range is that it takes away the thrill of self-tweaking from the owners. On the plus side though, Design editions are estimated to cost much less as compared to self-customized cars, with the Maclaren 570S design packages costing you a reasonable $10,320. If you can’t wait to lay hands on the designer supercar, hurry up to book yourself one and expect to see it in your parking by 2017!

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