Kayaking will be even more fun with these transparent kayaks

Your weekend kayaking sessions will never be the same after we introduce you to these absolutely stunning clear kayaks from the Crystal Kayak Company. The kayaks are totally transparent which means that when you take it out on the water, you can enjoy more views than just the ocean’s surface, you can also see underwater, or underneath your kayak to be more specific.

Called the Crystal Explorer, this innovative product is actually a canoe-kayak hybrid made from a clear polycarbonate material called Lexan. It penetrates the surface tension of the water allowing an unobstructed view of the sea life below from the dry safety of your kayak. The eleven feet long, three feet wide boats can accommodate up to two people. Thanks to its high sides and low center of gravity, the Crystal Explorer is easy to use even for beginners.

Weighing 47 lbs. the kayak is lightweight and easy to clean, requiring just a freshwater rinse after use. It takes one hour to assemble and can be disassembled after use. The kayaks come with two-piece painted aluminum bodied paddles, while an upgraded fiberglass version with blade angle adjustment is also available. Priced at $1499, the Crystal Explorer comes with a two-piece painted aluminum bodied paddles.