Mercedes-Benz and N+ join hands to create a super slick Formula E Bicycle

When stalwarts like Mercedes-Benz and N+ come together you know the result, a stunning EQ Formula E Team eBike is here to mean business! The gorgeous eBike may fool even the trained eye as a classic road bicycle, but it’s certainly much more than that. Skillfully concealing its battery and related wiring are all stored within the seat tube, this eBike boasts a streamlined design cleverly into elements of its frame. The frames’ tubes are left slightly thicker than conventional cycles as all the ‘e’ parts of the eBike take refuge in there. EQ Formula E Team eBike is a great purchase for several reasons, but features that stand out are a 20 mile-per-hour top speed, 62-mile range, and 37-pound weight. The 36-volt 7ah Panasonic battery pack that fuels the bike is also fully removable with a simple press of a quick-release button. This thing of beauty is not very demanding either, with it getting fully charged in just three and a half hours for a battery range that’s enough for a full day of riding. Easily one of the most stable rides currently on the market, the eBike is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, which render unbelievable stopping power in both dry & wet conditions.

Other fabulous features of the Mercedes-Benz and N+ EQ Formula E Team eBike include a built-in LED top tube display, pedal-assist technology, and Kendra Ks puncture-resistant tyres. For those who care about aesthetics along with performance, the Formula E jumps to the front of the pack with a starting price of $3,200.

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