Mercedes Maybach will come with 2 megapixel smart headlights that can project warning symbols on the road as you drive

Mercedes-Benz S-Class has earned itself the reputation of setting new standards in the automobile industry by introducing many groundbreaking innovations over the years. The latest piece of smart tech making its way into the world of car manufacturing courtesy of Mercedes’s flagship model is a new digital headlight system that automatically optimizes the beams according the surroundings and can display information through figures projected directly on the road. Demonstrated last year in its concept form, Daimler has announced that the futuristic smart headlights are going to be included in a limited quantity of Mercedes-Maybach S-Class cars.

Called Digital Light, the new HD quality headlight setup has each of its units equipped with a chip with over a million micro-reflectors that can control where and how much light is thrown in front of the car. Optimized by a host of sensors along with the car’s cameras and navigation, the level of brightness is constantly controlled so that the headlights don’t dazzle the pedestrians and surrounding traffic. The headlamps are also capable of projecting information onto the road through a series of symbols. It works similar to the HUDs (head-up display), where the warning signs are displayed directly onto the road by the headlights rather than being projecting on the windscreen. The select customers of the Maybachs equipped with these headlamps can expected to take delivery in the first half of this year.