Mercedes-Benz new Multibeam LED headlight packs in a whopping 84 LEDs per lamp

Laser headlights might be the next big thing in the automotive world — there’s a fierce ongoing battle between Audi and BMW to market the next-generation technology — but Mercedes is doing some amazing work with LED headlights. We all know that everything that’s technology-related is a big obsession for the Mercedes-Benz R&D team and their newest innovative project entails LED headlights technology. Just a few months after the German automaker unveiled brand new headlights for the 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLS, they have taken things to the next level with the introduction of its new Multibeam LED headlights.

mercedez-benz-multibeam-led-headlight-1The headlights from the new CLS feature 24 individual operated LEDs per lamp, but the improved Multibeam LED headlights use a whopping 84 per lamp. This reportedly provides better lighting all while reducing dazzle for oncoming traffic. In the medium term, as many as 1024 pixels per LED will enable optimum levels of illumination of the road at every speed and in all traffic conditions. To boot, Mercedes-Benz says that’ll be possible without dazzling other drivers. Adding another couple of tiers of LEDs also allows the digital incorporation of all low- and high-beam functions, negating the need for mechanical actuators to control the headlight unit. This will also enable the addition of new adaptive lighting functions, and should also reduce complexity and maintenance. “Enabling ideal visibility in all driving situations without dazzling other road users has always been our credo in developing new light systems. We are pursuing the further development of LED technology to this end,” said Uwe Kostanzer, the head of light systems development at Mercedes-Benz.

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