Mercedes SL600 Drenched In Diamonds

“BLING” age is fashionable and goes with everything. But what will happen if diamonds are showered on the sophisticated Mercedes? In the month of May, we talked about the Diamond covered Mercedes SL Class. The idea may be unexplainable but the car it’s self is flawless, offering you celebrity status. This Mercedes SL55 covered with diamonds (fake ones of course) was spotted at an overseas show. From a distance, it almost appears that the car is coated in glitter, but it is actually covered in diamonds. We had very little info on this car then but now we know that it’s an SL600. Every bit off this car is bedecked……even the exhaust pipe and the tire-plates are not spared. The seats are of course not blinged with diamonds as… Ouch! they may scrape your skin. They are covered with soft faux-fur. More dazzling pictures after the jump…..

Can anybody tell us what happens to cars like these after the show? Seriously, we can’t think of why someone would actually drive a car like this. Possibly it’s just a fashion statement that the creator never intended to see rolling up every Main Street in America. Well, maybe Beverly Hills!

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