Powered by a Ford engine, the three-wheeled Morgan Super 3 is a unique sports car with a classic vibe

Iconic British automobile brand Morgan has finally revealed the replacement for the adorable 3-Wheeler. Behold the Morgan Super 3, a ground-up recreation of the company’s iconic three-wheeled open-top roadster that has been modernized to stay up to date with current motoring standards without ditching its pre-war-era design. It’s incredible how the tiny manufacturer from Worcestershire, UK has managed to preserve the character of the outgoing 3-Wheeler while making so many changes. In fact, the engineers at Morgan had to go back to the drawing board to create the Super 3, which is being touted as the most configurable model in the history of the automaker to date.

Let’s start with the most prominent update – the engine. Gone is the predecessor’s S&S 2.0-liter V-twin motorcycle engine that used to hang in the front of the car. Completely exposed, the massive V-twin was also a defining design element for the 3-Wheeler. However, the manufacturer has replaced it with a Ford-sourced 1.5-liter naturally aspirated three-cylinder engine capable of making 118-hp and 110-pound-feet of torque. In the Morgan Super 3, the engine sits behind the front axle, technically making it a front-mid-engine car. The engine also now sits hidden inside the hood, making the front-end more aerodynamic.

The new Super 3 still uses the five-speed manual transmission borrowed from the Mazda MX-5 just like its predecessor. Morgan says the retro sports car weighs 1400 pounds dry and can sprint from 0-62mph in 7 seconds on the way to hitting a top speed of 130mph. The body of the two-seater Morgan is still styled like the fuselage of military aircraft from the past. But the old-school wooden frame has been replaced. The Super 3 uses a bonded aluminum monocoque platform, making it lighter and a lot more rigid than the 3-Wheeler. It is also fitted with a pull-rod suspension system that reduces unsprung weight and adds to the aerodynamic efficiency of the car.

The cockpit has also been modernized to a great extent without ruining its retro charm. For the first time, the company has equipped a series production car with digital gauges and a footwell heater. The steering column and the pedal box are both adjustable, which is necessary as the seats are non-adjustable. The Morgan Super 3, just like its predecessor, is an open-top sports car without a roof, the entire cabin is waterproof with an IP64 rating. Customers will get a huge list of customization options and accessories to choose from and the automaker’s website has an online configurator powered by “gaming technology”. Even if you don’t want to buy one, you can always go to the website and play around. As far as the price is concerned, the Morgan Super 3 starts at £34,958 (about $47,000) in the home market. However, the good news is the Super 3 is coming to the US!

[Via: Motor1]

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