Moynat Bicycle Trunk unveiled

To remember the forgotten tradition of trunks, Moynat, the heritage trunk and leather goods firm, has created a bicycle trunk, which expresses the meticulous detail that is part of the history of the brand. The trunk has a triple-curved bottom that cradles the front wheel and the basket is perched like a treehouse between front wheel and the handlebars – a trademark since the days when each Moynat boot trunk was custom shaped to fit the rear of a sedan. It is made of waterproof canvas and will keep your food dry even on rainy day.

Plates and cutlery are strapped to the top, custom compartments holds two aluminum thermoses and porcelain goblets, and a drawer to keep sandwiches. The front cantilevers into a small table. The Bicycle Trunk’s handsome, effortless grace is a result of generations of learning innovating and refining the needed skills.
Moynat Bicycle-1.jpg
The La Malle Bicyclette is available from $32,000 onwards.

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