If Tony Stark would ever get a luxury yacht it would be this futuristic 165 feet long zero-emission vessel that comes complete with a three-story vertical garden

Design studio Hidden Portside is amalgamating the elegance of the past with the vision of the future. The result of this is a sustainability-focused, 50-meter superyacht concept named Naboo. The Barcelona-based design studio has left no stone unturned to ensure that eco-friendly and zero-emissions are words one can associate with luxury. Naboo features all of that along with a striking and never-seen-before design-savvy aesthetic. The sleek silver superyacht houses ten guests in four VIP suites and the owner’s suite.

A crew of eight can be comfortable in quarters below deck, including an exclusive galley for their use. This conceptual creation highlights a 95sqm inner patio connected through a vertical garden and a 65sqm beach club complete with a Jacuzzi and bar that forms the central core of the three decks. Naboo, the vessel, is profoundly inspired by Naboo, the fictional planet in Star Wars, which explains the affluence of greenery. Perched above the 1,000 square feet sprawling inner patio is a beach club on the main deck flaunting a secondary Jacuzzi and bar as well.

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The owner’s cabin also features a Jacuzzi and plenty of lounge space in its 355-foot private terrace located aft on the bridge deck. You will find an open layout on the main deck with “chef’s house” leading down to a second galley on the lower deck. To make this concept as sustainable as possible, in addition to the electric propulsion and solar panel system on the roof, the materials used for its fabrication are recycled aluminum and synthetic teak.

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Smart materials as PCM (Phase Change Materials) are used in the interior walls to keep interiors cool sans excessive use of AC. Naboo is one impressive concept that also makes space for a 26-foot garage to store toys and tenders. The studio said in a statement, “Naboo represents another lifestyle, the ‘smart luxury,’ in which sustainability is a mindset, preserving the beauty and elegance of the past, but relying on the innovation of the future.”

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