Eco-activists in Spain vandalized Walmart heiress Nancy Walton’s $300 million superyacht Kaos. They defaced the billionaire’s 360-feet long shiny vessel with red and black paint and then proudly held up a sign that said ‘You Consume Others Suffer.’

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Walmart heiress Nancy Walton Laurie’s $300 million superyacht Kaos recently became the hub of chaos as climate activists turned the splendid former royal yacht into an angry painting in red and black paint. Eco mob Futuro Vegetal (Vegetable Future) trashed the 360ft vessel using fire extinguishers when it was moored in Ibiza on Sunday. The activists didnt stop at defacing the superyacht that was initially commissioned by a connoisseur of megayachts then-Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad bin Abdullah bin Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani.

The protesters posed with a sign stating ‘You Consume Others Suffer.’ The Civil Guard and crew of Kaos were quick to jump to the rescue of the ultra-luxe boat and arrested the men responsible. The group has stated on their social networks, “The only reason we continue to maintain an economic system that leads us to eco-social collapse is to sustain the privileges of this small privileged class.”

Via Instagram / @futurovegetal

With the Kaos sailed away to safety, the Spanish authorities apprehended the miscreants. This isn’t the first instance of eco-activists sabotaging the floating palaces of the wealthy. In May, the $100 million ship of a Saudi billionaire was similarly damaged by a mob with garbage and red paint. The recent incident may not exhibit the $300 million Kaos in ship shape, but the Oceanco boat is a masterpiece, and details are listed below-

The charms of Kaos yacht-
The floating palace was opulently designed by Sam Sorgiovanni, keeping royalty in mind. Hence, there is an abundance of materials like Crystal Caviar insets, silk carpets, Iranian white onyx, and Golden Spider stone. Called Jubilee in 2017, it made waves, pun intended, for being the largest yacht of her builder, Oceanco, a title that now belongs to Amazon co-founder Jeff Bezos’s schooner Koru. Kaos also looks much taller, owing to the use of faux decks.

The plush interiors before the refit.

Accommodations are spread across four, replacing the fly deck with a quaint owner’s suite. But it is the amenities that are truly jaw-dropping and worthy of a heiress. In addition to a helipad, Kaos flaunts a full aquarium, cinema, and spa facilities.

There is a 12-person cinema, massage parlor, and “The London bar,” complete with smoke machines, a DJ booth, and a water wall chandelier.

The yacht’s interiors prior to the refit were designed by Sam Sorgiovanni

Kaos Yacht accommodates 31 guests in 16 plush cabins. There’s even a separate gym for the ship’s crew and a small hospital for at-sea medical crises.

The exceptional boat carries an arsenal of matching tenders, rescue boats, inflatables, and other exciting gear. She is powered by two MTU diesel engines offering a top speed of 18.5 knots.

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The eco-vandals Futuro Vegetal sprayed Nancy Walton’s Kaos superyacht –
Futuro Vegetal is a non-violent civil disobedience movement that fights bigwigs and their toys to combat the climate crisis. The act of vandalizing $8.6 billion worth Nancy Walton’s boat along with a private jet parked in the Ibiza airport a few days ago was part of the group’s “Jets and Yachts, the party is over” campaign.

Via Instagram / @futurovegetal

In a social media post, Futuro Vegetal expressed, ‘The mega-rich live off the suffering of others. It is the people who are at the top of the social pyramid who put all life on the planet at their service, forcing us to work to sustain their system, exploiting animals and destroying the territory no matter how much suffering and death it implies.’. The Spanish police arrested the four activists who were held for nine hours before they were released.

Futuro Vegatal claims that their two associates who vandalized the $300 million Kaos superyacht have been transferred to court on Sunday, and they will be released later today.

Nancy Walton

If they are to be believed Nancy Walton can breathe a sigh of relief as her yacht was sprayed with biodegradable tempera paint and not traditional paint which would have cost a small fortune to remove. Maybe, this could also explain them being released in just one day.

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