Neiman Marcus BMW M6 convertible all gone in 92 seconds

All of the 50 limited edition, 2007 BMW M6 convertible zoomed away within 92 seconds! BMW and Neiman Marcus had announced the special edition model earlier this month. The BMW M6 convertible was supposed to be the superstar of NM’s 2006 Christmas Book. It featured a custom Ruby Black exterior finish accented with an interior with Piano Black trim elements and power sports seats wrapped in a custom Gold Brown shade of supple BMW Individual Merino leather. This speedy black beauty also includes an 11-speaker Surround Sound stereo and a six-disc CD changer too. The company began taking orders at precisely 12.00 p.m., and phone lines were almost instantly jammed with buyers attempting to secure their order.

When we featured this Christmas car in our previous write up, we were wondering who’s going to buy such gifts; but this phenomenon has answered our uncertainties. ‘It’s not celebrities or the famously rich. It’s really people looking for unusual gifts!’

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