Only in Monaco – An extremely talented captain parks a $42 million superyacht with utmost ease in a tight spot next to a 180 feet long superyacht.

Via Instagram / @mygenemachine

Do you get nervous every time you’ve to parallel park your car in a tight spot? I know I do, especially when I’m required to park an expensive press car on a busy street; it makes me sweat like a pig. But imagine docking a multi-million superyacht in a packed marina. It takes serious skills to reverse a big vessel into a tight parking spot. Recently we came across a video posted on Instagram that shows the captain of a luxury superyacht pulling into a cramped docking space in Monaco like it’s no big deal. The video was uploaded on the official Instagram account for M/Y Gene Machine – an Amels 180 yacht that was built in 2013. Chief Officer Tom calmly glides the 55m vessel into its parking spot next to another Amels 180 yacht.

Monaco is one of the most popular international yachting capitals that get flooded with some of the biggest and most expensive yachts during the summer season. This results in Monaco’s prime berths being completely packed, which makes docking a vessel a very tricky job. In the video, Chief Officer Tom can be seen getting help from a little zodiac zipping around in the background as he backs the superyacht into its designated space. The distance between the two moored Amels 180 yacht is brought down to a bare minimum with just fender cushions separating the two superyachts. The video received plenty of comments, with one of them asking: “Seems difficult since he can’t see the entire other side of the boat?!” The Instagram handle for the superyacht replied: “There’s a crew member on the stern calling distances to him on the radio.” There were also several comments appreciating the skills of the captain. “Good job….making it look easy!!” one of them said.

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