Peugeot links the culinary and automobile world fashionably through its concept food van

Peugeot’s new showcase is not a diamond studded sedan or a new fancy hybrid sports car, but a food truck. Le Bistro du Lion is a combination of the two good things French – their car designs and the love for food. This custom concept van can open a pop-up restaurant anywhere and feed and cater to 30 customers with standing tables. The van and attached trailer car opens out to double its size and comes with a modular kitchen fitted with four induction burners, two grill plates, a deep fryer, a cold storage and a refrigerator, Rocket coffee machines and a DJ booth. This food truck comes with a complete experience for both the chef and his customers as the customers can look at the preparation of their food while the chef can know that it’s being appreciated.

peugeot-bistro-du-lion-2French chef Sven Chartier, of Saturne and Le Clown Bar in Paris will be the first to take the reins of this mobile food lab at the French Pavilion, 2015 Milan Expo where it will take residence. The truck will also make a pit stop at the Milan Design Week on April 14th where visitors can marvel at its design and brilliance. This is definitely the first of its kind from Peugeot’s commercial vehicles, though we sense it becoming a common accessory to have among car manufacturers with the growing trend of ‘meals on wheels’.

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peugeot-bistro-du-lion-4This machine in action will probably be like a live version of the 2014 movie, Chef; which might just be France’s new fashionable trend!

[Via – Autoblog]

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