Pics – A $700,000 limited edition Ferrari is towed for not having insurance

The least you can do when you own an exotic automobile is to have all the necessary papers, including insurance, in order. Or you might get the shock of your life when the cops snatch your precious car away and leave you on the side of the road humiliated. A 21-year old owner of a limited edition Ferrari worth $700,000 learnt it the hard way. London’s posh Mayfair, which is well known location for spotting super-expensive cars, saw a little more than usual action on last Sunday in the afternoon when the police confiscated a limited edition Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta and towed it away. It quickly grabbed a lot of attention with intrigued onlookers stopping to witness the bizarre incident and even recording it on their smartphones.

It all started when a police car noticed the rare blue Ferrari parked illegally on double yellow lines. Metropolitan Police Service Westminster said on Twitter it was for “stopping in an inconvenient place.” But things got worse for the Ferrari owner when the cops found the car’s insurance policy didn’t have the driver’s name on it. Not only was the driver handed over a £300 (roughly $415 USD) fine and six points on the license but also the Azzurro California-colored Ferrari was loaded on a towing trucking and hauled away. A total of 499 Ferrari 458 Speciale Apertas were ever made and only 49 of them being a right-hand drive which makes the seized Ferrari a very rare car.

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