Pink-colored Ferrari F40 locks up its wheels and crashes into a fence, narrowly avoiding any major damage

If you are a big Ferrari F40 fan like me, I’m sure your blood will boil when you see one of the rare examples of the iconic supercar covered in a baby pink wrap and fitted with abominable gold-colored rims. The only thing more painful than that would be watching someone crash it. A short video has surfaced on the internet recently that shows a bright pink-colored Ferrari F40 locking up its wheels and slamming into a fence. Undoubtedly, the driver had no intention of purposefully crashing the F40; but the lack of skills could be the reason. Thankfully, the rare supercar crashed into a temporary fence at a relativity slow speed, which appears to have saved it from any kind of significant damage.

The incident reportedly happened at the recent Formula Drift event in Seattle, Washington. In the Instagram video posted by a user named GarnetsGTI, you can see the pink Ferrari driving on a paved section with temporary fences in the background put up as part of the event. The supercar briefly accelerates before the driver stamps on the brakes, which leads to the wheels locking up and the F40 faceplanting into the fence. Much of the speed is scrubbed off before the collision, which only causes the fence to move by a few inches. There are no pictures of the aftermath but the F40 appears to have survived the crash with minor damage to the front.

The caption along with the video claims that the Ferrari’s throttle got stuck and the wheels locked up due to the lack of ABS. You can even hear the supercar’s 2.9-liter V8 rev up right before the collision. While the given explanation could be true, there’s a possibility that the driver stamped on the brakes and gas pedal at the same time. The Ferrari F40 was famous for having the throttle and brake pedals placed very close to each other to help drivers heal-toe with ease. However, it also made it more prone to divers making mistakes. Nevertheless, we are happy that it wasn’t a major accident and the supercar along with everyone inside as well outside were pretty much unharmed.

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