This Polaris ATV comes with Airless tires that can withstand .50-caliber rounds

Polaris ATVs are considered to be one of the best off-roaders that can practically take on harshest of the conditions, but its latest offering might just be the ultimate quad-bike to hit the market. Based on the MV850 ATV Polaris supplies to U.S. Special Forces, the civilian version named the ‘Sportsman WV850 H.O’ comes with 77 hp 850 cc engine, military grade transmission, front and rear cargo racks with a total capacity of 600 lbs, extra wide work boot-size foot wells, a 1,500 lb tow hitch and 3,000 pound winch, power steering, hill descent control and a 11.75 gallon tank but all that’s overshadowed by the amazing TerrainArmor airless tires the ATV rides on.

The airless tires, originally designed by Wisconsin-based startup Resilient Technologies, features a durable honeycomb structured core encased by a thick rubber tread. The start-up designed the tires for products like lawn mowers, but Polaris acquired the company last year and put it on their military ATV. The TerrainArmor airless tires can take a .50-caliber round and withstand up to 30 percent damage and still keep going for 350 miles, and also drive 1,000 miles after running over a railroad spike. It will go on sale starting next month with a price tag of $14,999.

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