Porsche Go-Kart pedal car woos young speedsters

Innovation is at the heart of all major brands trying to juggle products that could best suit their target customers. While catering largely to the adult and senior audiences, they never fail to turn their attention to the tiny tots as well. Names that instantly come to mind are Ferrari and Mercedes. Now add to that Porsche, who has recently unveiled a Pedal Go-Kart for children between the age group of five to eight years. This model has been exclusively designed at the Porsche Design Studio in Zell am Zee, Austria.

Priced at $900, the Porsche Driver’s Selection Go-Kart projects a sophisticated elegance measuring up to 5-feet long and weighing only 55 pounds. It boasts of high-quality drive components in metal and plastic, those of which are specifically used for constructing bicycles.

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Other attractive features of the sturdy steel-framed kart include composite wheels stimulated with center locks and fitted with low-profile, inflatable tires with inner tubes, an adjustable sport seat, and the ability to pedal both forward and backward pedal brake and handbrake.

The kart is best suitable for children weighing up to 110 pounds. You can purchase this Go-Kart at local authorized Porsche Centers.

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[Available at Porsche Via Prnewswire]

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