Posh and really fast – A one of its kind Pagani Huayra Hermes edition

There may be many amongst us who have risen to fame for reasons differing but obvious enough. One such gentleman who has recently made headlines is real estate maverick and ardent auto enthusiast – Manny Khoshbin. After owning the swankiest fleet of cars including the- SV, Porsche 918 Spyder, McLaren P1, Bugatti Veyrons, Porsche Carrera GT, the motor fan recently got himself a custom made Pagani Huayra, which is as drool-worthy as you can imagine!

The one of a kind Pagani (which he is very proudly flaunting on his Instagram handle) is the latest addition to Khosbin’s collection. It comes with a unique set of aerodynamics, suspension, exhaust, and a slightly larger set of wheels, all of which are a part of the bespoke “Tempesta package” of the brand. Though this particular Pagani is one of the last Huayra coupes to be built with the aforementioned functionality, it is nonetheless debuting in a few other departments. For instance, the brand has partnered with Parisian fashion marquee – Hermès for the very first time, all for creating this very special edition for Khosbin!

Apart from designing the seats and the H-pattern outer aeration grills in its iconic leather, Hermès has also rolled out special travel bags to match the style and oomph of the car itself. If this wasn’t enough, the fashion label also threw in a matching Birkin bag for the proud owner’s wifey. Well, the count of people enviously wishing to swap lives with a particular Mr. Khoshin just shot up!



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