Powered by a fighter jet engine and a claimed top speed of 500 mph — Take a look at the worlds fastest car

Meet the world’s fastest car which is undergoing the final set of trials before it attempts to break the current world land speed record of 763.035mph but also hit the 1000mph mark in 2020. The project was saved from liquidation last year by a British entrepreneur who bought the whole operation for $33 million to help it stay on track. The name was changed from Bloodhound SSC to Bloodhound LSR. The car with a completely new livery was recently revealed in South Africa’s Hakskeenpan desert where the team plans to push the car past the 500-mph mark for the first time. A total of thirteen runs have been planned to run each 50mph faster than the previous, with a target of hitting over 500 mph. One of the key objectives of the testing program is actually to evaluate how the car behaves when slowing down and stopping from a number of target speeds.

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The Bloodhound LSR will be piloted by Wing Commander Andrew Green, who was also behind the wheel of the previous version of the car in Newquay back in 2017 when it completed a 200mph run. He will remain the test driver leading up to 2020. “Andy was on the throttle for two seconds to reach 200mph (322km/h) in eight seconds. Here at the Hakskeenpan on a 10-mile (16km) track we can accelerate for much longer, achieve higher speeds and investigate the car’s stability, performance , and drag, all crucial as we move towards setting a new world land speed record,” said Mark Chapman, Bloodhound LSR engineering director. The car is powered by an EJ200 Eurofighter Typhoon jet engine, which will provide it with 135,000 thrust horsepower – equivalent to more than 150 Formula One cars put together. Instead of normal wheels, the Bloodhound LSR has precision-machined solid aluminum wheels, which are carefully crafted to withstand wear and tear from such intense speeds.

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