Powered by a V12 engine, this carbon fiber Ferrari 250GT replica can be yours for $1 million

UK-based engineering firm GTO Engineering has made its name selling, maintaining, and rebuilding classic road and race Ferraris for the last three decades. The company has announced its most ambitious project with the aim to build a modern interpretation of a classic Ferrari from the sixties that blends modern engineering with everything that we love about the cars that came from the Italian marque’s golden era. Called the GTO Engineering Moderna, the vintage-inspired sports car looks to be inspired by the iconic Ferrari 250 GTO. The Moderna is a follow-up model to the 250 SWB Revival project recently revealed by the company. The 250 SWB Revival is a tasty restomod that is created using a donor body to build a perfect replica of a 250 GT SWB Berlinetta Competizione. The GTO Engineering Moderna, however, follows a different approach.

The company’s new Prancing Horse-inspired project aims to build a driver-focused machine that weighs less than 2200 lbs and features a handcrafted body. Described by GTO Engineering as something “celebrating the best of 1960s motoring with modern and motorsport-derived engineering,” the sports car will use a tubular steel chassis with an aluminum sub-frame and a “F1-type-spec” carbon fiber body. It will be powered by a screaming quad-cam V12 engine of an unknown output, but it will remind of the Ferraris from the ‘60s. According to the company, the engine alone will take 300 man-hours to build, while the entire car will need 18 months to handcraft. GTO Engineering will also offer the option to tailor each car according to the requirements of the buyer. The Moderna is still under development and the final specs will be revealed in due course. There is no word on the pricing but the $1 million price tag of the 250 SWB Revival should give us a fair idea.

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[Via: Autocar]

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