Designed for a billionaire and his family to explore the unknown – The Prelude Explorer Yacht Concept has a glass-wrapped swimming pool, a NY penthouse-styled beach club, an indoor garden, and a touch-and-go helipad.

Prelude, an explorer yacht concept by Jay Aberdoni, changes the sailing game by making the vessel the cynosure, not the eternal sea enveloping it. The Monaco-based firm has breathed new life into a superyacht by making the 262-feet luxury vessel look more like an upstate penthouse belonging to a young blood billionaire. First things first, the concept, with its modern, minimalist aesthetic and clean, elegant lines, emulates an apartment more than a ship, no matter the imposing proportions of a research vessel. The streamlined, clutter-free design connects the generous foredeck and aft decks seamlessly. Spread across three tiers, Prelude presents a glass-bottomed swimming pool that hogs the limelight of the upper deck.

The glass-bottomed pool serves as a visual delight for the guests below. As per Yacht Harbour, under the pool lays the main deck with a formal dining room and lounge flaunting wooden panels mirroring the undulating waves above. The 262-feet yacht boasts a never-seen-before beach club, the highlight of the vessel. Aberdoni correctly states it has more in common with a New York penthouse than a traditional swim platform.

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The pleasingly novel double-height glass beach club is more like a sprawling living area, with a lounge, an indoor garden, a fire pit, a bar, and uninterrupted sea vistas. The explorer yacht continues to impress with additions like a helipad, an oversized garage for tenders and water toys, and a hot tub at the bow.

The interiors of Prelude deserve a special mention. Imagine a sparkling, spotless white ambiance flanked with contemporary furnishings, a floating staircase, and stunning light fixtures. The only thing missing is a billionaire miscreant hiding away with plans to annihilate the planet. Prelude also includes six generous cabins for up to 12 guests and crew quarters that can sleep 18.

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Prelude has all the makings of a superyacht without conforming to typical norms of design and layout. The owner suite is unsurprisingly massive, featuring an unexpected convertible balcony that doubles as a private lounge. “We’ve seen now how often owners choose to have a support vessel carrying all types of toys instead of taking space from their own yacht. When it comes to explorer yachts, the amount of space those items take is very large and could be replaced to provide extra living areas and more comfort to the guests,” Jay Aberdoni explained.

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