Prince Charles’ car runs on wine

The fuel prices are sky rockets and we have an increasing number of means that are taken by those who are bitten by this issue. Members from the British royalty for example are standing up for the noble cause of saving fuel. Prince Charles had been gifted a sexy Aston Martin by the queen some 38 years ago and was just like any other vehicle in his collection until it was tweaked to run on bioethanol. A vineyard in Wiltshire has been producing surplus wine that is sold to Green Fuels. These guys convert the wine in fuel and one of their prestigious clients is the royal family. The car can travel ten miles on a single gallon of gas (~45 bottles).

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The wine fuel costs £1.1 a liter that is approximately $2.17. Even though the price is so low the prince simply travels at the rate of 300 miles in the car yearly. Oh dear, what a waste.

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