Python: Fastest amphibious vehicle

It is sporadic to watch a Lambo concede defeat, especially when it comes to speed. But the amphibious Lambo has to accept defeat as the fastest amphibious vehicle is finally here. Known as the Python, this amphibious vehicle can be a mid-12 quarter-mile run and a 4.5-second jaunt to 60 mph in water. On land, however, this beauty is curtailed to just over 100mph. A unique design, the python appears to be built on a Dodge truck platform with a custom fiberglass body resembling the Corvette in back. Each rolling platform uses 304 stainless steel for the frame and is designed to raise the wheels with a button’s push. You can opt for your choice of engine. For the water, it’s powered by a Dominator Jet. The amphibious Python prices start at $170K for the rolling chassis and over $200K if you want a Corvette-powered, fully assembled boat.

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Opt for the engine that meets your requirements and flaunt your new amphibious drive with style.

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