Roll Royce’s Starlight Headliner lights up the roof with hundreds of lights

Rolls Royce brings the star-filled sky right inside the comforts of your car with the award-winning Starlight Headliner. You will no longer have to strain your neck and eyes to catch a view of twinkling stars. We’ve already come across this feature at Beijing Motor Show on Rolls-Royce Phantom Extended Wheelbase. The automaker just released more images of this sparkling roof inside Rolls Royce 101EX. Creating an illusion of a dazzling night sky, hundreds of fiber optic lights shine through the perforated leather on the roof. The brightness of these Roll Royce-created stars can be adjusted to complement the owner’s moods and needs. It can be bright enough to support reading and dim enough to deliver a subtle glow for ultimate relaxation. It can also be switched off altogether.
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The Starlight headliner debuted in the Phantom with 800 lights and swelled along the whole length of the roof with 1,600 lights in Phantom Coupé.
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