Rolls-Royce studs Dubai Motor Show with three special edition high-rollers

It doesn’t take a second though to estimate the style that Rolls-Royce could bring to the table, especially at an exquisite even such as the Dubai Motor Show. The company has used the occasion to put forth the best they have in the special edition category and boy, have they impressed.

royce 3
Their first offering was a Bespoke Gold Edition Ghost. The company has specially worked up the details on this one to fit its audience. Who that may be? The company states that the car “takes its inspiration from the fairways to appeal to discerning sportsmen, incorporating design cues and materials that evoke the history of this gentleman’s sport.” It comes with a two-tone paint job that splits elegantly into shades of beige and green and a three-tone interior the mixes creams, reds and greens. As it goes with golf enthusiasts, not many things satisfy the lot. To please them, the interiors are enhanced with a requisite starlight headliner, custom picnic tables, lambswool floor mats, tartan-lined door pockets, mahogany and persimmon wood veneers.

Next, is the Tiger Edition Phantom Coupe that makes quite a loud appearance with orange accents on the outside. The coachline carries the tiger theme ahead with a motif. On the inside it is an elegant blend of beige and tan leather.

royce 5
Last but not the least is the Rolls Royce Dawn. This anticipated convertible comes with a fabric top and up to 80 percent unique body panels. It even ups the scale when it comes to the tires. This was followed by the Wraith ‘Inspired By Music’. The third in the trilogy of Wraith vehicles. It arrives with a bespoke music system and a Lyrical Copper finish on the outside. It is ideal for the rockstar of any generation.

[ Via : Autoblog ]

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