Rolls Royce to offer Armored Phantom for total protection

When you are rich you buy a Rolls Royce but when super-rich you go for an armored edition. Following the Jaguar and Maybach, its time for Rolls Royce to roll out an armored Phantom! Rolls Royce will put forward this toughened Phantom for elite patrons who call for the highest level of ballistic protection in one of the most luxurious cars. Engineered to VR7 level, the Phantom Armoured is virtually indistinguishable from the standard version, inside and out. The car features high-tech fiber composites and special purpose steel to provide protection for the bodywork, while the glazed area is constructed from sheets of thickened glass. In addition, a polycarbonate layer is fitted to the inside for extra passenger protection. In simple words, it will resist bullets and grenade attacks…if any!

Like all Rolls-Royce models the Phantom Armored will begin life at Goodwood, while the special armoring process will be carried out off-site by an approved coachbuilder. Every body (who has the kind of reputation to safeguard and also pay for) will be able to order Phantom Armored from all Rolls-Royce dealers. They can tailor every aspect of the car to their own specific requirements. However this new model will be available initially in Europe and the Middle East. That’s where glut $$$$$ are for real!

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