Safari Air introduces first Around-the-World Adventure on luxury jet

This is an everyone’s dream come true. Safari Air, the first green luxury private jet charter service, recently announced that it is offering a per-seat basis for the world’s first 21-day “Around the world Grand East Africa Safari,” which is set to take flight on October 15th. A luxurious Gulf Stream IV private jet that gives an average of 25,450 miles comfortably accommodates eight passengers and is set to depart from Orange County, California’s John Wayne Airport, and will circle the globe. The jet will make leisurely stopovers at world-class hotels in Quebec City, Edinburgh, Cairo, Agra-India, Hong-Kong, Guam, and Honolulu. The package’s pearl will be a two-week African Safari by award-winning Micato Safaris beginning in Kilimanjaro and featuring one week each in Tanzania and Kenya at the finest tented Safari camps and lodges.

Safari Air’s CEO and Founder Ken Jillson claim that each passenger mile’s carbon offsets help reduce global warming. The jet lag during travel is also reduced by way of flying relatively short daytime flights. The guests will be allowed restful stopovers in five-star hotels and will get to see amazing sights such as the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Taj Mahal, and the magnificent Hong Kong Harbor. The tour will cost about $144,500, which is still a curtail on the actual amount they will have to travel independently.

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