Secrets about the MF5 sports car by Wiesmann

Are you a sports car freak and read every auto magazine possible? Here’s some more ammo for you! The German boutique sports car maker Wiesmann revealed details on its newest handmade creation, the 507 horsepower MF5 coupe. The car is the company’s most capable sports car to date and is loosely based on the MF4 coupe. The difference is that it is larger in every dimension and packs 140 more horsepower thanks to the BMW M5-sourced V10 engine. With a seven-speed SMG transmission, the car’s performance is rated at 3.9 seconds in the sprint to 62mph, with a 192 mph top speed. Not only that, this beauty weighs just a little over 3,040 lbs thanks to an aluminum chassis and composite body panels. Weismann engineers developed the car’s aerodynamics and fitted the MF5 with a rear diffuser and spoiler to help keep it planted at speed.BMW’s ABS as well as dynamic stability control (DSC) systems were also integrated into the MF5.

The MF5’s grip on the road is offered by the big 19-inch tires, 245mm wide up front and 275mm on the rear drive wheels. And for your comfort you will be seated in custom-fitted seats, which can also be ordered in carbon fiber. The braking is handled by massive two-piece and cross-drilled and vented 14.7-inch front discs and 14.6-inch rotors out back
With the MF5’s prices starting around $280,000 the car goes on sale this spring outside of North America and can be outfitted with custom carbon fiber parts.

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