Sharper Image brings to you The Zero G Flights

Riding wild horses is no longer the dream of young boys and girls; their imaginations have taken a hike up the cosmic ladder and the mystical space and beyond are what they fancy. Taking a trip to high heavens to experience Zero Gravity seems to be the latest calling. Professor Stephen Hawking is the latest one to try out this flight and it looks like he had a wonderful time. If you want to experience the Zero-G effect, Sharper Image is the place you would want to check out. The flights are regularly scheduled (mainly on weekends) from two locations – the Shuttle Landing Facility at Kennedy Space Center in Florida and from McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada. The typical flight features15 parabolas and lasts approximately 90 minutes. During the weightless maneuvers/parabolas, you experience two Lunar (1/6th gravity) and three Martian (1/3rd gravity) sessions, followed by approximately 10 total zero-gravity parabolas. AMAZING!!!!

For a truly weightless experience hop over to one of these centers and take the flight of fantasy. The Zero G flight costs $3,500.

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