Skyacht Personal Blimp for luxurious leisure flying

Do we really need toughened airships that have high speeds and extreme steering capability? Not necessarily! Fly along with the birds for a quiet moment in the skies in your own Skyacht Personal Blimp! The Personal Blimp is a hot air balloon that can be maneuvered about in nearly perfect quiet. Passengers in a Personal Blimp have a serene experience of flight unavailable in any other type of aircraft. Most other ways of flying require either loud machinery or constant attention to ride the air currents. A blimp with quiet electrical motors sounds like the perfect anti-stress medicine after a long day at work. It can hover and steer around objects making it ideal for, amongst other things, eco-tourism, aerial photography, and film-making. However, it won’t suffice your need to rush to the office but it is fun to hang in there blissfully for no reason.

The prototype, the Airship Alberto, made its first flight on October 27, 2006. Since that first flight in October, Alberto has completed the FAA’s required 10 hours of Phase I flight testing. One nice feature is the fact that it can be deflated and stored in a cupboard……a large cupboard though. It’s should be available in about two years for a price under US$200,000.

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