Someone has designed a modular garage for the radical Tesla Cybertruck that can withstand the harshest conditions

If you’re one of the 250,000 people who have put down $100 to pre-book the Tesla Cybertruck, here’s something that might interest you. The radical and polarizing design of the electric pickup truck has inspired many equally-radical design projects that have the same geometric shape with arrow-straight lines. While most of them are not worth wasting time on, this architectural project is quite interesting. New York-based design company LARS BÜRO has come up with a Tesla Cybertruck-inspired building concept called the Cyberbunker. The ultra-futuristic concept looks like an extension of the Cybertruck’s wedge-shaped design. According to the company, the Cyberbunker is a modular living space that can be used as an apartment, storage facility, or commercial space which can be placed off-the-grid or attached to any residential.

The company’s website reads: “Inside, two folding gates reveal a 600 square-foot depot able to accommodate an array of equipment and vehicles -including trucks that don’t fit in standard garages. For more extreme or hostile environments, this depot can be equipped to function as an airlock, allowing a safe transition between exterior and interior.” While the Cyberbunker is being promoted as a garage for the Cybertruck, the company also notes that it could be made bigger to also fit an apartment and will feature the rugged qualities and bulletproofing of Cybertruck to help it withstand the harshest conditions. Although the Cyberbunker looks pretty cool, we hardly believe it will ever see the light of day and will only serve as a concept study.

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