Spada Codatronca Monza unveilied in Italy

Bored of your regular Lamborghinis, Audis, Ferraris and the likes? Get a Spada Codatronca Monza aka $TBA. It might be a mouthful but by the sounds of it comes across as a definite winner for racers. The car is designed by Paolo, Ercole Spada and Domiziano Boschi of Spadaconcept and built by Spadavetturesport for Aznom. It was unveiled at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza race circuit in Italy and is expected to release a street model soon. The car comes packed with an aluminium tubular chassis coated in carbon fibre, a twin-supercharged 7.0 litre V8 engine with 530kW power and 883Nm torque. It can reach from zero to 100kmph in just 3 seconds and boasts a top speed of 335kmph. It features a high-definition video camera and a steering wheel with an integrated GPS. No price has been revealed yet.

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