Splashed with colors this is not the home of an influencer but the interiors of an Airbus A220 private jet

Large colorful spray-painted letters have made their way inside an Airbus Corporate Jets thanks to a collaboration with world-renowned contemporary artist Cyril Kongo. Mr. Colorful has rendered his signature style to create the ACJ TwoTwenty, a special cabin edition by Cyril Kongo. Thanks to the talented French graffiti artist, the famous business jet now looks like a contemporary art gallery in the skies. It provides a pleasing atmosphere, especially for long-haul flights. The most impressive area of the private jet is ACJ TwoTwenty’s large fuselage, which is already a tremendously commodious space, two times wider than other business jets.

Still, with Kongo’s touch, it looks attractive and inviting. The dining cabin flaunts artistic elements among hush tones of grey, like a metaphor to life that can be dull until it is not anymore. The peppy fine dining area can be enjoyed with friends and family as the space can easily accommodate upto eight guests. Overall the 73m2/785 ft2 of floor space is divided amongst six large VIP living areas for up to 19 passengers. The private suites too carry the same d ensign theme; neural hues encompass the cabins with a sudden splash of colors exhibited through carefully chosen branded textures and fabrics.

The ACJ TwoTwenty boasts an intercontinental range of nearly 5,650 nautical miles or over 12 hours of flight time. Airbus mentions in a statement, “The entire signature cabin has been envisioned by the ACJ design team to deliver comfort, connectivity, and functionality in one space, while Cyril Kongo’s touch brings the cabin design to the next level of emotion.” The statement continues, “The special cabin edition has been proudly curated to allow passengers to properly rest or enjoy fine dining with valued friends and family while admiring all the colors that life has to offer.”

[Via: Simple Flying]

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